AP Latin at Taft

Along with her offerings at St. Joseph’s in Standish, Maine, Jill Crooker is offering two courses at Taft School in Connecticut. See below for the descriptions, and learn more from Taft’s own website.

Basics of Teaching the AP Latin course – July 8-13
Some of the questions on the Facebook AP Latin Teachers site during the past year were: how to teach vocabulary, what kind of quiz or test should regularly be given, when should essay writing be taught and scored (according to CB guidelines), how often should students be held to translating literally, and how should translations be scored even in respect to the spelling of proper names. We will deal with these and much more in order to resolve any concerns held by new or experienced AP teachers. Teachers will leave with translation grids, essay questions based on themes, and short answers to use on a daily basis. Bring any texts you may have and a laptop computer.

Multiple Choice in the AP Latin course and exam – July 22-27

Two of the four passages on Section 1 of the AP Latin exam are passages from the syllabus.

Caesar’s de Bello Gallico and Vergil’s Aeneid  will serve as the material for the development of multiple-choice questions.  We will learn to write questions targeting the learning objectives in the Curriculum Framework, by following the specific format of the exam. We will put together many passages and questions so that you can integrate multiple choice questions into your regular course routine.

The goal of this workshop is to demystify multiple choice.  Bring any texts you may have and a laptop computer.

For additional information and questions, contact Jill Crooker, [email protected]