New Substitute Position in Westbrook

Substitute position: Westbrook High School, Westbrook WHS is seeking a substitute Latin teacher (grades 9-12) for potentially the last two weeks of this 23-24 school year (06/03/24-06/14/24). The full-time teacher, Barry Francoeur, is going on paternity leave. Substitute coverage will also be needed in the fall, but the details of the paternity leave are yet to be determined. If the paternity… Read more →

MCA Spring Meeting: Hello there. . .

Latin and Classics Teachers of Maine,  You are cordially invited to the Maine Classical Association Spring Meeting on  Saturday, May 4th, at North Yarmouth Academy. We have an exciting line-up of presentations this spring, all centering on pedagogy. Derek Haddad will be presenting on his new Latin novella, Emma Holloway on her efforts to incorporate Latin composition to boost engagement… Read more →

MCA Spring Meeting CFP & Fall Recap

Latin and Classics Teachers of Maine,  The Maine Classical Association Spring Meeting will be held on  Saturday, May 4th, at North Yarmouth Academy. Each year, the Maine Classical Association hosts two meetings, one in the fall and one in the spring. While the fall meeting emphasizes scholarship, the spring meeting is geared more towards pedagogy. This is a great opportunity… Read more →

Substitute Position: John Bapst High School, Bangor

Let’s keep Latin alive in Maine! John Bapst in Bangor has an opening for a long-term substitute teacher in Latin beginning immediately and lasting through the 2023-24 school year. The ideal candidate should have experience teaching high school students and have a background in Latin and the classics. John Bapst is an independent, college preparatory school where you’ll find positive… Read more →

CANE Writing Contest

Thanksgiving break is almost (or already for some) upon us! So of course that means, teacher math-wise, the last few weeks of the semester and winter break are also almost here. What to do within those final weeks, besides the Saturnalia celebrations and dreaded cumulatives? Our wonderful treasurer and fellow Latin teacher, Katie Collins, as well as CANE has the… Read more →

Quor Non: The 2023 Summer Reading Event

incipit Terenti Adelphoe. So begins the production notice of the Adelphoe (Fratres latine), the last comedy written by Publius Terentius Afer around 160 B.C. Terence, as you may probably know him, was born in Carthage and came to Rome as a slave, according to the biographer Suetonius. His Adelphoe, based on a Greek play by Menander, is about two sets… Read more →

Interim Latin Teacher at John Bapst

John Bapst Memorial High School, a private school in Bangor, is looking for an interim Latin teacher to complete the year, available immediately. While an in-person teacher is preferred, they are willing to consider a synchronous remote position for the right person. If you are interested or know someone who may be interested, please reach out to Jason O’Reilly, Principal… Read more →

MCA Fall Conference 2022

The upcoming MCA Fall Conference will be held at Windham High School on Saturday, October 22nd, from 8AM to noon.  We will be following our new format where the Fall Conference’s focus is primarily pedagogical approaches in a Latin/Greek classroom. Major topics to be discussed at this conference: The Cane Writing Contest Gamification in the Latin Classroom Using Sortes as an… Read more →

MCA Spring Meeting 2022

Salvete Amici, After careful consideration the MCA Executive Committee has decided to continue hosting our conferences virtually on Zoom.  With that being said I am happy to invite you to the MCA Spring Conference, which will be held virtually via Zoom on Saturday, April 30th, from 8AM to noon.  There will be no cost to attend the meeting.  You can view… Read more →