Individual Academic Sweeps Spring 2016

Students at the Spring Convention take upwards of seven tests on the topics of Latin grammar, Latin vocabulary and derivatives, reading comprehension, mythology, Roman history, and culture. Ties are broken by highest scores on individual tests.

  1. Sadie Allen, Camden Hills, 28 points
  2. Patrick Beacham, Camden Hills, 24 points
  3. Emily Elwell, Nokomis, 21 points
  4. Rebecca Cox, Camden Hills, 21 points
  5. Mariah Gould, Nokomis, 20 points
  6. Abby Elkins, Hampden Academy, 19 points
  7. Aren Herrick, Nokomis, 18 points
  8. Caleb Love-Webb, Camden Hills, 17 points
  9. Cody Shaw, Nokomis, 16 points
  10. Annina Breen, John Bapst, 16 points