Spirit Results Fall 2015

At the Fall Convention, schools participate in spirit, the score of which consists of both the creativity of the roll call and the enthusiasm and organization of school spirit. At this convention, schools were divided into large school and small school divisions based on the size of the delegation.

Large Schools (more than 30 JCLers):

  1. Hampden Academy
  2. Nokomis
  3. Winthrop
  4. Leavitt
  5. Camden

Small Schools (fewer than 30 JCLers)

  1. Sacopee Valley
  2. Gardiner
  3. Fryeburg
  4. Freeport
  5. Cony
  6. Greely
  7. Lawrence
  8. Edward Little
  9. John Bapst
  10. Foxcroft
  11. Washington Academy