Individual Academic Sweeps Fall 2015

Students at the Fall Convention take upwards of six tests on the topics of Latin grammar, Latin vocabulary, reading comprehension, English derivatives, mythology, and Roman history and culture. Ties are broken by highest scores on individual tests.

  1. Sadie Allen, Camden Hills, 20 points
  2. Mariah Gould, Nokomis, 20 points
  3. William Casey, Foxcroft Academy, 18
  4. Augusta Stockman, Camden Hills, 13 points
  5. Aren Herrick, Nokomis, 13 points
  6. Annina Breen, John Bapst, 13 points
  7. Molly Swalec, Hampden Academy, 13 points
  8. Sammi Cole, John Bapst, 13 points
  9. Andrew Terry, Hampden Academy, 13 points
  10. Miles Martin, Hampden Academy, 13 points