Latin 201 at USM

This fall USM’s Linguistics Department has moved their Latin 201 to an afternoon slot that might work for area high school students. With Early College, students can take this course for free!

The goal of this 4-credit course is to read and understand selected texts from masters of Latin prose and poetry. Students are expected to apply the grammar rules they learnt previously and build sound strategies of translation. They will learn a few things about the Roman history and culture through texts. Our reading will focus on Caesar (Commentarii de Bello Gallico), Cicero (In Catilinam Orationes), and Virgil (Aeneid). This course meets the USM Core requirement for Cultural Interpretation.

This is a blended 4-credit class with attendance required in person on Monday and Wednesday and a Friday assignment always required online, due by 5pm Friday. If you have questions, feel free to contact Claire Holman, Lecturer/Dual Enrollment Coordinator, French & Spanish Department of Linguistics.