Maine Learning Modules

The Maine Department of Education is looking for educators to create interdisciplinary learning modules for students. The deadline for applying if June 5 (this Friday), and retired teachers are also eligible to register. Let’s get some classics content out there for kids to learn!

See below for the blurb, which is also available on this page here.

The Maine Department of Education invites all interested educators, curriculum leaders, and Maine educational community organizations to join us in designing an a-synchronous library of learning modules in a Maine Learning Results-aligned scope and sequence. These project-based modules will be integrated to ensure that learning is synthesized across traditional subject areas and learning experiences are designed to be mutually reinforcing.

Work will take place beginning June 15th and run throughout the summer with a launch of the website on September 7th. Each participant will be trained in a-synchronous instructional design by Maine DOE digital learning specialists, as well as supported in their content by Maine DOE content specialists. Participants will be expected to produce at least one learning module, but more may be accepted. Stipends will be provided for modules used in the Maine DOE library.

Participants must be Maine educators, including curriculum leaders and Maine educational community organizations.

To register click here.

For more information please contact Beth Lambert, [email protected] or Page Nichols, [email protected].