MCA Fall Meeting 2018 Recap

Members of the Maine Classical Association enjoyed an informative and entertaining meeting at Colby College on Saturday, October 13, 2018.  Seventeen people were in attendance at the Colby College Alumni Center, where they enjoyed breakfast items and then later a delicious lunch of sandwiches, salad and cookies.

Delivering talks at this meeting were:

  • Hamish Cameron of Bates College.  His presentation was entitled “Sing, Designer, of the Wrath of Achilles:  Ancient World Games as Critical Reading Opportunities” showed how he uses digital and analog games to make connections to the ancient world, and to encourage students to examine these games for hidden information about culture.
  • Hannah Culik-Baird of Boston University, presented “Lucilius the Satirist at Artefact”.  She explained that Cicero had used information from Lucilius to provide historical accuracy in his imagined “Political Conference” at Olympia.  
  • Christopher Welser of Colby College presented “Eurydice in Vergil’s Georgics: Written on the Stars”.  He drew comparisons between Vergils’ mention of Eurydice and the huge water snake hidden below her feet with the constellation Virgo and the constellation Hydra below her in the sky.  His talk was accompanied by slides of the constellations.

A brief business meeting followed the luncheon.