AP Summer Institute at Taft

Think about coming to the Taft School in Watertown, CT to work with your colleagues and Jill Crooker on developing or enhancing your AP Latin curriculum. Here are the descriptions for this coming summer. July 3-7. 2017 B Week: Helping Our Students Become Ready for the Course & Exam This weeklong workshop is designed to help teachers guide students along… Read more →

CANE Summer Institute 2017

This year’s CANE Summer Institute, The View from a Distance: Perspectives on the Greeks & Romans from across Space & Time, will be led by Tim Joseph at Brown University running from July 10–15, 2017. For more information check out the CANE website. Read more →

Latin Session at FLAME

Are you a Latin teacher who goes to FLAME in March and wants to put on your own session for other Latin teachers? FLAME is in need of a Latin session, and will give this to another language if there is no one interested in putting one on. Contact Mary Oches at moches@erskine247.com for more information. Read more →

CANE Membership

At the executive meeting of the MCA today, we discussed the benefits of CANE membership. If you haven’t already joined CANE, you’re missing out on a whole lot. Here are some of the benefits: Access to JSTOR Access to the Loeb Classical Library online Ability to apply for grants and scholarships Chance to attend the CANE meeting Ability to participate… Read more →

Religion Before Religion

Along with the MCA meeting this Saturday at Bowdoin, there is also a conference being held called Religion Before “Religion”. There is an afternoon session which those attending the MCA conference will be able to attend after our own wraps up. For more information, check out this link for Religion Before “Religion”. Read more →

Maineclassics.org Migration

No, this website isn’t headed south for the winter. Instead, I have had to move this site to a much more stable server host. However, with any migration, problems and bugs will arise. If you see anything that doesn’t seem to work as well as you think it should, please be vocal and let me know by sending an email… Read more →